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  1. Blue Skies

    From: Vibrance / Blue Skies

    Blue skies is a service that provides support to a diverse range of individuals with learning difficulties and / or associated mental health needs. Blue skies is a part of Vibrance, a registered charity that  has been supporting people with various needs...

  2. Vibrance Direct Payment Payroll & Managed Account Service

    From: Vibrance / Blue Skies

    Vibrance is a registered charity which provides a range of services to support people who co-ordinate their own support and are in receipt of a Direct Payment or Personal Budget. This includes Payroll, Fundholding and payments to agencies or other providers....

  3. Phoenix Blend Cafe

    From: Vibrance / Blue Skies

    Phoenix Blend Cafe is a project in Spitalfields that enables people with disabilities to gain valuable work experience to equip them with the life skills they need to live independent and fulfilling lives.   Blue skies is a part of Vibrance, a registered...

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