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  1. The Patient Open Consent Project

    From: Women's Health and Family Services

    The Patient Open Consent aims at strengthening links between the NHS and voluntary sector organisations. Currently a pilot scheme, it would allow GPS to share patient information (name and contact details only) with community initiatives in the area....

  2. The Somali Women’s Lunch Club

    From: Women's Health and Family Services

    We run a weekly lunch club for Somali women over 50, aimed at improving health and wellbeing. The club encourages healthy living alongside exercise sessions, advice and signposting. Activities focus on improving health education and encouraging greater...

  3. The Small “c” Campaign

    From: Women's Health and Family Services

    The Small “c” Campaign aims to increase public awareness of cancer through community engagement. We rely upon volunteers who we train and support to develop community engagement skills and knowledge of the early symptoms of cancer, and put this into practice...

  4. The Somali Men’s Health & Wellbeing Group

    From: Women's Health and Family Services

    We help Somali men over 50 improve their quality of life by encouraging healthier lifestyles, dealing with physical problems and coping with isolation.  The group provides an opportunity to raise health concerns and chat with others. Outreach activities...

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