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Community Believe

Who is it for?

These services are aimed towards young adults with learning disabilities or multiple disabilities  in Tower Hamlets and other boroughs.

Services are to provide opportunities to meet others in a supportive environment, enabling you to enjoy your independence and get involved in a range of group and person-centered activities. The service caters for different needs and is able to adapt activities to suit both your interests and abilities. Many people attend our services every day, taking advantage of the wide variety of activities across multiple sites, whilst others attend once or twice a week for specific interests, or to meet with friends.

 Core Values

  • Equality by treating every person we assist with empathy, dignity, and respect.
  • Empowerment by supportive diversity, autonomy, and independence.
  • Excellence by performing with reliability and motivated for the maximum quality care and service.
  • Commitment by greater than the opportunities of those we assist and the standards we set for ourselves.


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    Community Believe
    Alpha Grove Community Center
    Isle Of Dogs
    E14 8LH