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Ensign Youth Club

The Ensign

Established in 1975, The Ensign, formerly Ensign Youth Club, is a dynamic community organisation that specifically engages with young people from different parts of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It does this through indoor and outdoor recreational activities in developing active people who are confident, independent and have a strong affinity for the community in which they live in.


The Ensign seeks to promote social, educational and cultural development of the local community by providing culturally-sensitive and quality services for all generations, through sustaining a strong, responsive and vibrant community organisation.

Aims and Objectives

To develop programmes and activities to support the social, educational and cultural development and empowerment of young people;

  1. To develop programmes and activities to support women and families.
  2. To foster mutual respect, tolerance and understanding between  generations and communities.
  3. To empower members of the local community to play an active role in their community and The Ensign.

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