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Barts Health NHS Trust

The Community Health Team (CHT) comprises of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, care navigators, health support workers and administrative staff. You can be referred to our service by any health care professional. Our role within Tower Hamlets is to provide domiciliary care which is person focussed, proactive and flexible to the needs of the individual. The main aims of our team are to enhance existing care, avoid unscheduled hospital admission, help people manage their own long term conditions and to facilitate hospital discharges. 

The CHT can provide:

  • Long term condition management
  • Promotion of independence and self-care
  • Wound Management
  • Community Rehabilitation
  • Falls prevention
  • End of life care

People being referred to CHT should be able to identify clear goals and are aware that self-management  is part of our key priorities. We aim to work with most people for a period of 6-8 weeks and will refer onto other services as needed to make sure that their needs are met by the most appropriate service.


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