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Bangladeshi Youth Movement

Promoting healthier lifestyle through planned activities, which enables our users to build lifeskills which permit them to live independently from dependency, to manage their own health and support their peers and getting them job ready.

Service led agreements have been formulated by our funders and agreed by our organisation.

Keep fit classes concentrate on supporting women to have a balanced weight which will be beneficial for their health. Before entering into the project, clients are expected to
bring in GP Consent. During enrolment, users are asked to provide their GP name
and address in case of an emergency.  

During each session, the body mass index (BMI) of the users will be calculated to ensure that we are able to monitor their health development. If we recognise an abnormality in blood pressure levels we inform the users and advise them to book an appointment with their GP and provide them guidance throughout.  

We aim to support Bangladeshi females develop their skills through ESOL classes, employment classes, health-related training and accredited training. We have qualified trainers to run sessions.

This project is delivered in partnership as and when required to enhance programme quality.

We also aim to provide Bangladeshi females with inclusive access to a range of health development programmes leading to healthier lives through various physical activity sessions-
these include zumba, yoga and aerobics.  We have qualified trainers to run session. Users can book for a time slot on the treadmill where they have their inclusive session. 

Garden project is a way to ensure users are able to develop a relationship with their peers. Users are able to work together in a team to meet the same objectives.

Referrals can be made at any time to ensure the needs of the users are met. If users cannot be supported through the services we provide, we will refer them onto a partnering organisation.

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