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Dorset Community Association

Dorset Community Association (DCA) is a non-political, non-profitable Charity organisation in Tower Hamlets, which provides community based projects in Weavers ward for the benefit of local community. It was registered as a charity in July 2012.

The Objectives of DCA are to facilitate and arrange social and recreational activities for the members of the local community. It’s aims to promote community and cultural cohesion and develop the skills of local people and to tackle the issues of concern to them by delivering a package of a variety of activities. This will keep them away from the streets and urban negativity and encourage them to achieve their own goals and aspirations.

Our Charitable Objective (OCO) is to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the public on the Dorset Estate, Bethnal Green in the London borough of tower hamlets (in particular but not exclusively for the benefit of members from the BME community in that area) as may from time to time be determined by the trustees by:

Relieving those in poverty.
Relieving those in financial need, hardship or distress.
Preserving and protecting good health and relieving the sick.
Promoting healthy recreation and other leisure-time occupations in the interests of social welfare with the aim of improving the conditions of life of the inhabitants.
Promoting social inclusion by working with socially excluded people (in particular women, young people and older people) so they can play a fuller part in their communities so that their conditions of life may improve.
Advancing education and training.
Relieving unemployment.
Promoting equality and diversity.
Promoting racial harmony for the public benefit.
Protecting and preserving the natural environment for the public benefits.
Developing the capacity and skills of the members of socially and economically disadvantaged communities on the estate in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society.



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