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Thai Boxing Fighters Academy

Muay Thai Boxing Training sessions 2 times a week are focused on health and fitness, developing co-ordination, focus, concentration, discipline, responsibility using hands, elbows, knees and legs through the boxing format. The sessions are focused around people who experience mental illness/ health problems. The sessions are very good for confidence and self-esteem building, learning team working skills and building relationships, trust and independance.

Also very active social get-togethers take place such has championship tournaments, comedy shows, TV shows usually around sport and much more.

Another element is monthly members' meetings and management meetings accessible to everyone to develop structure of academy and making decisions, holding views and ideas and voting on matters of importance by majority vote. This includes taking on management roles such as vice chair, members representive, being active and responsible in various forms for the academy, developing skills and new experiences to focus on moving forward to possibly employment, training or education.

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    Thai Boxing Fighters Academy
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