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LB Tower Hamlets

Riverside Day Centre provides care, support and stimulation for older people of retirement age, weather frail, phisically disabled or experiencing isolation or emotional difficulties; user must however meet Councils 'eligibility criteria' for receiving a service.

The centre aims to ensure an equitable provision of service, regardless of disability, religion, gender or culture requirements. This is achieved primarily through promoting users involvement in daily tasks and through the regular 'users group' meetings.

The centre offers a variety of services, these include Chiropody, Opticians, Dentists, all of whom visit on a regular basis. It may be possible to arrange for your Doctors, District Nurse, Occupational Therapist or wheelchair service to visit you at the Centre if appropriate.

In addition to visiting health services, the centre also offers assistance with personal carei.e. assisting with washing and toileting.

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