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Ocean Women's Association

The Ocean Women’s Association delivers a women-only coffee mornings and structured health interventions, two days a week during term time. Our services are targeted at Asian and Somali women from the Ocean Estate and surrounding areas, however women from across Tower Hamlets are welcome to attend our services. The twice a week and two and a half hour sessions include:

  • a safe space for women to meet together, share experiences and overcome isolation and fear;
  • a structured talk or workshop from a health professional to inform women about health services and to encourage them to access these services;
  • structured be-friending to women who are in need of additional support due to isolation or depression – this will be provided by volunteers who will meet with the women at the group each week, accompanying them to the group if they find it difficult to get there themselves. In addition volunteers will meet the women on other occasions during the week. Meetings will be flexible and offer a low level but structured intervention to support the development of better physical and mental health. So for example, a woman may simply leave the house for a walk while another might go swimming regularly with her volunteer. Targets will be set each term for these be-friending sessions and women and volunteers will be supported to help them identify the progress they are making.

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