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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Description of the role and function of the team

Maximising independence assessment and development of individual support programmes normally lasting up to 6 weeks

  • A proportional assessment will be undertaken to develop an independence plan with the person that is appropriate to the identified needs
  • This function will look at a range of presenting needs from simple to complex
  • People are assessed and supported in their own home environment

 Programme co-ordination

  • Delivery of the independence plan
  • Equipment prescription/provision and minor adaptations
  • Education, re-training, and support to practice everyday tasks  eg…. outdoor mobility
  • Linking with services outside the Directorate to maximise independence
  • Service has capacity to work with 200-250 users at any given time

 Review of Independence plan

  • Determination of when independence has been maximised
  • Refresh independence plan

  Other Assessments

  • Undertaking a mental capacity assessment where appropriate
  • Specialist assessments related to specific needs can also be undertaken e.g. moving and handling assessments, tissue viability, wound management
  • Offer of Carer Assessments and support where appropriate.


It is intended that people using the Reablement Service will experience: 

  • Services that will robustly promote independence and access to a range of preventative and personalised interventions that will help people improve their confidence and ability to participate in activities and roles that they value
  • Good quality information about what is available from the Council and what is universally available
  • Acquisition of skills to access services independently or with an appropriate level of support required
  • A minimum of handoffs

 Safeguarding Response

  • A Safeguarding concern will be prioritised and responded to urgently. 
  • The initial Safeguarding response should be undertaken by a worker in order to ensure the immediate safety and support of a vulnerable person who may be the subject of abuse.
  • A qualified social worker will undertake the investigation in accordance with LBTH and Pan-London Safeguarding procedures.  
  • Where appropriate, an additional assessment may be carried out alongside a Safeguarding response.

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