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Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours

Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours  (THFN) is a long-established independent local charity which provides a lifeline for vulnerable, isolated, older people in the borough of Tower Hamlets,  the majority of whom are housebound and have at least one acute medical issue.

Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours (THFN) has been running services for older people in Tower Hamlets for over 70 years. Our aims are:

  • To enhance the quality of life of older people and decrease social isolation;
  • To promote well-being and increase independence through emotional support and through access to services, benefits, etc.;
  • To provide relevant and stimulating activities and increase social rehabilitation. 

The key activities of the organisation are:

  • Regular home visits to provide a social outlet, support and companionship; 
  • Regular additional phone contact and support for clients particularly at times of crisis;
  • Advocacy and enabling of self-advocacy; consultation and involvement;
  • Support with making appointments, accessing social care, health and other services;
  • Information provision and signposting to a whole range of services;
  • Activities in people’s homes (e.g. musical reminiscence, playing games, seated exercise) to improve mental and physical well-being.

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