Service Categories


Are you looking for somewhere to live? Or for new support in your home?
Here you will find different housing choices. It includes being supported to live independently in your own home on you own or with friends and nursing and residential homes. And you will find services offering short term breaks.

Being Part of the Community

Do you want to do more during the day? Or in the evening or at weekends?
Here you will find lots of choices and opportunities to get the support you need to be a part of your local community. There are lots of different things to do during the day, evening and weekend.
This is a good way of getting out. It can help you improve your independence. You can take part in activities and spend time with friends.

Events, Education and Training

Do you want to learn new things? Or find out about events to go to?
There are always new things to learn and new things to experience.
Here you can find out about events that are happening in your area. There is information about different types of learning opportunities, like college courses.

Health and Wellbeing

Do you want more help to stay healthy?
Here you can find health care services. There are services that are really good at supporting people with different types of health needs. It is important to stay healthy and well.

Lifestyle and Leisure

Do you want to do more with your spare time?
Here you will find a lots of community activities. There are activities that are cultural and different types of sport and leisure opportunities for you to take part in.

Domestic Support

Do you want more help to live independently? You may need help with things in the house like cleaning, washing and getting yourself a meal. Or you may need help in doing odd jobs around your home.
Here you can find lots of services to choose from.

Personal Support

We know it is important for you to be able to live as independently as possible and to be able to look after yourself.
Here you will find personal assistants. They are people who will support you to do the things that you need to do and want to do.
You will also find services that offer help and support with important things that you need to do every day. Things that you need support to do safely. For example you may need help getting up or going to bed, to get washed or to get dressed or getting around.

If you go to our Products page in the Shopping menu, you will find a range of special equipment that can also help you to live independent and safe. Things like hoists or bathroom aids.

Maintenance Services

Do you worry that you can't look after your garden or carry out repairs to your home?
Here you can find services that can help you.

Services for Carers

If you caring or arranging the care to someone else who is ill, frail or disabled, who is not able to care for him or are a carer.
Here you can find information about different types of support available. Everything from help & advice to practical support like respite care or sitting services to help you in your caring role.

Staying Independent and Safe

Do you find speaking up for yourself difficult? Or finding out what support you should be getting?
Here you will find advocacy services so you can be supported to speak up for yourself.
There are also services that can help you look after your money and services that can give you help and advice.


Do you find it difficult to use public transport?
Here you will find list of local transport services.

Work and Voluntary Support

Do you want to work but you need to be supported?
There are services that can give you information, advice and support to find a job. They can help you get training so you have the right skills. They can help you learn the things that you need to keep a job.
Volunteering is a great way for you to help other people or services in your local community and to meet new friends.