Add Service

Title: Please enter the title/name of the service that you wish to make available.  Note:  Please consider including the name of your organisation to make it easier for your service to be found during searches.  For example, 'Four Acres Home Care' rather than just 'Home Care'. 

Service code: This is the code or ID number that you use for the service.

Description: Here is the place to put information about the service that you are providing. Please put as much relevant information about the service, so that people using Assist have enough understanding of the service to make an informed decision as to whether to purchase it.

Price: If you have a fixed price for your service, please enter the numeric value in pounds and pence, e.g. 10.99

Or enter a price range: If your service has a variable price, you have the opportunity to enter the 'From' and 'To' values, so that a person using Assist will have an understanding on the maximum and minimum they will be expected to pay for the service.

Price from: Please enter the numeric value in pounds and pence, e.g. 10.99, which is the minimum price of the service.

Price to: Please enter the numeric value in pounds and pence, e.g. 10.99, which is the maximum price of the service.

Price description: Here you can choose the from the dropdown list the price description, e.g. per hour, per day, per week. If the price is a unit or one off charge, please leave this option blank.

VAT code: Services often have differing VAT codes and so please select the code that is attributed to the service that you are adding.

Delivery code: The 'Delivery Matrix' option on your profile page will allow you to set up the pricing bands for your deliveries. Please select the delivery code, which corresponds to the appropriate pricing band that you will apply to this service.  Some providers may wish to use this as a 'call out' fee. 

Item is VAT exempt for registered disabled: Some services are VAT exempt for people who are registered disabled. If your service falls into this category, please select the box to confirm that the service is VAT exempt for registered disabled. If a user wishes to purchase this service, they will have to confirm in the checkout process on Assist that they are registered disabled.

Card payment allowed: If you accept card payments for your service, please select the box.

Display item: If you wish the service to be visible to users via the Assist system, then please select the box. If you are adding a service to, but do not wish it to be viewed by users, e.g. the service is currently out of stock, then leave the box blank.

Accept quotes on this item: If you wish the service to be quotable then please select the box. This will mean that a user will send you a message within the Assist system asking you to provide a quote on the service. You then have the option to respond to the user with a quote and to enter a description of any conditions that apply to the quote.

Accept 'call me back' requests on this item: If you are prepared to offer a service whereby if the customer would like to know more information, you are happy to call them back, please select this option.

Category: People accessing Assist can search for services by categories.You will need to use the dropdown box to identify the category in which your service provision should be represented.

Upload an image: If you have a picture of the service which you are adding saved on your computer, please press the 'Browse' button and then select your service image in the file location on your computer. This image will then be displayed whenever the service appears on Assist to a user.

Service needs: People also have the option to tell us their social care needs when they register. This allows the system to filter the search and presents them with the services that can meet their specific needs. Please tick the relevant areas in which your service provides support.