User Registration - Screen Two

You only have to complete the fields that are marked as 'mandatory'. You can choose whether or not you provide information in the boxes marked 'optional'.

Personal Details:

If you wish to make full use of the site, we need to ask you for some personal information that will identify you - and only you - as a registered user. None of the information you are asked to give us will be shared with anyone who doesn't need to know it.

Title: Please choose from the drop-down menu so we know how you prefer to be addressed. For example, do you like to be known as 'Mrs Brown' or 'Ms Brown'?

First name: This is where you should enter the name you are usually known by. You may enter the initial letter if you prefer.

Last name: Enter your surname in this box.

Address Line 1: The first line of your address goes here, with your flat or house number or - if you have one - your house name.

Address Line 2: This additional line is for people who need to be more specific in giving their address details. For example, you may live in a village, in which case, you could put the name of your village in this box. Only fill in this box if you want to. There is a separate box for your postal town below.

Address Line 3: A third line for those who need to give extra information for completing their full postal address. You do not have to complete this field if you would prefer not to. You will be asked to tell us your postal town in a box further down the screen.

Address Line 4: Complete this box only if you do not have enough space to provide your address in the boxes above. Your town name should be entered in the appropriate box further down the page.

Address Line 5: You do not need to put anything in this box if you have already provided all the details of your postal address in the fields above. Your town name should be entered in the next box.

Town: Type the name of the town or city you use to complete your full postal address - that is, the address to which deliveries, or perhaps home visits, would usually be made.

County: Please complete your address by confirming the county in which you live.

Country: Please confirm that you live in the United Kingdom.

Postcode: This site is for the use of people who live in the Local Authority only. Please fill in your postcode here so that we can confirm you are entitled to use the service. If your postcode does not qualify, unfortunately you will not be able to continue with your registration on the site.

Find...: If know your postcode and want us to fill in your address details above, click on 'Find' and then select your own address from the list shown. If your postcode is not within the areas covered by the Local Authority, unfortunately you will not be able to continue with your registration as only residents in these areas are permitted to use this site.

Contact details:

E-mail: Type your e-mail address here, if you have one.

Re-type e-mail: Enter your e-mail address again here, typing carefully to be sure it matches the e-mail address you have given above.

Home phone: Please give us the telephone number we should call to reach you at your home.

Work phone: Only complete this field with a daytime office telephone number if you have one.

Mobile: If you have a mobile phone and are happy to be called on it (or perhaps sent text messages), this is the place to enter the number. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Continue: Select this button when you have completed your registration to continue to use the site.